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Hot Stone Massage.
A very deeply relaxing massage treatment, carried out with the use of heated, smooth stones of all sizes to help with relaxation, soothing of muscles and removal of tension. It's proving to be very popular. A real treat!
I have also updated my products for facials, and introduced the luxury and exceptional quality of Arbonne in providing the most beautiful skin care.
Arbonne is fast becoming a well known brand. The products are all natural, containing no chemicals, no parabens and are ph balanced to each individual skin type. Meaning they suit everyone. Chemicals are something we should be staying away from, the damage products containing chemicals can do in the long run is scary. I, myself, had an awful reaction to a skin care product recently (swollen eyes and face, and very itchy) due to the huge amount of chemical in the product. It stripped my skin of natural oils and it took a little while to get back to normal. But with the help of ARBONNE the natural ingredients gave my skin just what it needed. My reaction to chemicals has made me even more passionate about natural products.

Arbonne is that fabulous that :
*It was the product given in the gift bags at the OSCARS.
*The makeup artist for TWILIGHT uses Arbonne products.
*The products were praised and blogged by VOGUE.
*You see results in just 24 hours!

I am the only local salon to be using Arbonne. I am an Arbonne consultant, which means I can sell the products to clients if they wish to buy. It is not sold in shops just exclusively purchased online through a consultant.

To try the products out and get GREAT SAVINGS go to

and use Arbonne ID : 440017847
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